How To Clean Your Anal Toys Correctly

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Anal Toys

It is super important that anal toys are properly washed, always! And you may be asking "why is that back door galore"? Well unless you don't mind bacteria infiltrating your toys and multiplying, which can lead to nasty odors or worst passing on infections or diseases, you should make it a priority to wash your anal toys thoroughly before and after use. Do not take this advice lightly, do not be lazy and think "ugh I will just clean this later," unless you want to risk the chances of feeling shitty (pun intended). Bacteria does not take time off, trust us.

Cleaning Your Anal Toys Depends on The Toy

Porous Material Toys 

These are sex toys are made of materials which on a microscopic level have pours in them. These materials include: plastic, silicone, cyber-skin, jelly, rubber, nylon, elastomer, and neoprene. Don't forget to check your products' label to find out what they are made out of. 


anal toys soap and water Nonporous Anal Toys The best way to clean   your porous anal toys is, get ready for it, good old   soap and luke warm water! This is simple, the   hard part is mustering the energy to get up and   clean your toys after you've had an earth   shattering orgasm, however, as Nike says, just do   it! And don't forget to clean them after and before   use because if only clean them after you use   them,  you risk the chance of bacteria crawling on   your anal toys as they are laying in their resting   spot. Just as you wouldn't want an unwashed   finger (or fist) inside you, am I right?

 Nonporous anal toys are toys that are made of   materials that do not have the micro-pours that we talked about earlier. These include stainless steal metal and glass. 

With these materials, such as glass anal plugs or glass anal beads for example, the best way to wash them is by placing them in boiling water for 10 minutes after use and then letting them air dry. Before use they can be washed using simply soap and water.

You can also wash these toys the same way you would with porous anal toys, however the safer way is always the better way in our opinion. Just remember to remove your anal vibrator from your cooking pot before your children or grandmother finds it floating in it and this becomes your yearly embarrassing family Christmas story until the day you die.

How about using anal toy cleaning agents?

The truth is that while these cleaning agents do work and could replace soap and water, they are not needed. They are a money maker for businesses that sell sex toys. So if you want to overpay for some cleaning agents go right ahead, for your safety we recommend Lovers Lane for products that actually work. Even though they are a competitor of Back Door Galore, we value your safety and do not want you to go out and purchase a totally bunk product that could cause more harm than good.

Remember ladies and gentlemen stay safe while you have fun!   


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