Anal Vibrators & Dildos

Anal Vibrators are similar to anal dildos however they contain an additional element, they vibrate. Using these products often leads to a blissful experience due to further pleasure cause by the vibrations. No anal toy set is complete without one of these amazing objects at your disposal. These products will definitely take your sex life and relationship up a couple notches. Remember to always clean your anal toys with soap and water or a toy cleaner before and after use of the toy.

Anal dildos are very similar to vaginal dildos, some are even identical, however there are anal dildos specifically designed to penetrate the anus more smoothly than regular penis shaped dildos do. These can make a great toy to add to your collection as they can feel similar to being penetrated by a real penis. We recommend anal dildos be used by more experienced participators as they are  larger than most of our other toys and can cause pain and even injury. Once experience is gained and you are ready for larger objects we guarantee that Back Door Galore has the perfect anal dildo for you, check out our wide selection!