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Dick Pumps

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Do Dick Pumps Really Work? 

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Which Pump Is Right For You 



The Bathmate X30 model is a popular one that comes with 35% more suction power than its predecessor the Bathmate Hercules. It boasts of a new design that is leak-proof and comes in a rotatable body. Much of it will be discussed in the comparison chart.


It is 15% larger than the X30. This Bathmate also has impressive suction power just like the X30 and It is among the largest hydro pumps in the market. We will discuss detailed specifications of this device in the comparison chart below.



Size Differences

In looking at the size as a comparison factor, we will highlight the recommended sizes for each device. These size differences will also indicate the maximum fit.


  • Men with erection below 7.08”
  • Girth of 5.69” and below
  • Width of 1.81” and below

Max Fit:

  • Maximum erection of up to 9.75”
  • Maximum girth of 7.07
  • Maximum width of 2.25


  • Men with erection below 8.46”
  • Girth of 6.91” and below
  • Width of 2.20” and below

Max Fit

  • Maximum erection length of up to 11”
  • Maximum girth of up to 7.70”
  • Maximum width of 2.45”

From the comparison above, it is clear that the two series are for different penis sizes. Therefore, you need to check whether your penis size is ideal for   or the