3PC SS Anal Ice Plugs

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This is a great set for those who love both metal anal plugs and crystals. We though, why not combine both! We have 8 different crystal colors you can choose from! The stainless steal material gives off a great feel upon insertion since it is usually cool to the touch, making sure all those anal nerve endings send you off moaning in pleasure. These plugs are finished with a crystal for a great finishing touch to make this a great looking product. With this set you get 3 plugs of varying sizes in order to meet your desires, small, medium, and large.  

  • 100% high quality
  • These anal plugs are smooth, yet  sensually textured toy designed for pure anal pleasure
  • Rounded tip for easy entry
  • Comfortable flat base for easy wearability
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% Phthalate-free, Nonporous
  • Firm yet flexible
  • Great for both men and women


Premium Grade Stainless Steal 


Check item photos for size descriptions 


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Customer Reviews

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thanks for the service

seller is quality, very informative

5 stars

I was skeptical of these anal plugs as I view my sacred realm as uncharted territory; ya just don't go there. Nonetheless, my SO was/is determined to enter Nirvana before he falls into eternal slumber. YOLO, amirite?!

I started off with the smallest plug first, which still proved to be big for my pristine sacred realm . It just wouldn't go in. My sphincter tightened up like the lips of a fluffer getting the star ready for his next scene. I tried for a few days before I *almost* gave up. But then we introduced our friend, liquid courage, into the picture. And that's when things really took off. Lower inhibitions = more relaxed state.

First, make sure to use a lot of lube, especially if you're a noob like me. It was slightly uncomfortable going in, but once it was, I couldn't really feel much at all. Which was great because having any sort of discomfort in the orifice that expels waste is truly disheartening!

Anyway, I love the look and feel of this. The green gem is a nice little touch, and my SO absolutely LOVED it! (seriously, he was like a kid in a candy store). I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to add some spice into the bedroom. Take it from a noob like myself, who was hellbent that this dark abyss was a one way highway only. Just give this a try. You won't be disappointed!


Tight fit, work your way up to it. Hubby made me keep them in, and had me wet all day!

Muy satisfecho con el vendedor

Muy satisfecho con el vendedor


I recieved these about three weeks ago and have loved them. I have used them every day since I recieved them, but still cannot fit the largest one entirely ;P
The solid round base gets uncomfortable in the early afternoon, especially if I have been sitting in class all day, but can be remedied by a quick break to the restroom to apply some lube. They are very smooth which makes them easy and painless to remove constantly and after my lube has dried up.
As I said above, I LOVE these. I would hate to give them up!